Friday, October 10, 2014

Prequel novella available now on Smashwords and Amazon

The  prequel to Circles is now available as an eBook! This novella, A Demon Born is available for purchase from either Smashwords or Amazon for $0.99. Due to it's short length, it will not be published in paperback form.

The story follows the demon, Solus, whose desperate desire to take back what he lost causes him to choose the path of becoming a demon. He may soon realize that the price for revenge is greater than he imagined and his greatest wish could be out of reach. As his master's most powerful demon, Solus struggles to hold on to what is left of his humanity. But the darkness in his soul is growing.

Through many revisions, I completed this novella and fell in love once more with the beautifully morbid world that is Circles. I hope that you will also enjoy this little window into that world, and who knows - There just might be more stories to come!

Please enjoy this book trailer I made especially for my readers!

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