Monday, December 7, 2020

How to Find Your Holiday Happy Place

Image by Marcos Garzo from Pixabay

The holidays are a stressful time in a normal year, but this year hasn't been exactly normal. My family had to cancel our yearly trip to visit family and friends in Hawaii, we spent Thanksgiving jumping from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting, and we couldn't have dinner at the table because that was my new office. When expected routines get tossed out the window, it can be a real panic moment trying to find a way back to normalcy. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Giving my Novel Some Much-Deserved Love

reading a book
Image by fotografierende from Pixabay

Since this pandemic started, I’ve been staying mostly at home to minimize the risk of someone in the household getting sick. Which means I’ve gotten to catch up on some things, like decluttering the house, doing DIY projects, and reading.

I started reading the ebooks and paperbacks I'd purchased but didn’t get to yet. But one book sitting on my shelf that I hadn't read yet was my own book, Circles, that I published back in 2012. I decided to reacquaint myself with the novel that I spent a better part of a year writing.

I sat myself down on the couch and started reading. I read that book all day. When I turned the last page, I took a breath and thought, “Wow, this is a GOOD story!” 

Of course, it was a good story for me because, well, I wrote it – I won't deny that I'm biased here.

I realized that when I published my novel, I didn't give it the love it deserved. While I don't have trouble selling other people's brands, I felt uncomfortable selling my own book. So after my first announcement to social media that I had published a novel, a few book talks, and a couple of gentle reminders that I would have really loved some reviews, I stopped trying. 

But reading Circles again, I realized I sold my story short. My book deserved more pitching than I gave. So, I’m going to ask my novel for forgiveness: I’m going to tell everyone who will listen to read this amazing urban fantasy adventure. Yeah, ok, I admit there might be a typo somewhere in the book, and I managed to repeat a phrase at one point. But my story made me cry. Twice. And I wrote it – I knew what was coming!

If you or someone you know is a reader who enjoys fantastic adventures with supernatural characters that happen in our everyday world, Circles is a must-read. And to prove it, for the next 5 days I’m giving away a free copy of Circles this week only so I can prove to you just how good my story is. If urban fantasy is your genre, or extraordinary adventure is your thing, click this link to get a free copy of Circles.

What’s the catch? I am asking for your email so that I may do two things: 1 – tell you “I told you so” when you discover how awesome my novel was, and even if you read it and decided it wasn’t as awesome as I said it was, hey – it was free! And 2 – to ask you to give your honest review of my novel (even if you hated it), either on GoodReads, Amazon, Apple Books, or other platform you might frequent (Barnes & Noble, Scribd, etc.). You will also be added to my monthly newsletter, however, once you receive the first one please feel free to unsubscribe if you would rather not hear about any further awesomeness from me.

I am convinced that my story is worth sharing and deserves a place on your physical or digital bookshelf. So get your free ebook copy now before the offer goes away in five days!