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Interview with a character 2

If I could draw, he'd kinda look like this. ^_^
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Solus Kordivos

It's been a while since I did an interview with one of my characters. So today I thought I would interview the main character of my new novella, Solus Kordivos. He's a tortured soul who chose to become a demon so he could fulfill his desire for revenge. Which leads me to believe this interview is going to be pretty angry. Well, hopefully, he's not nearly as ornery as Dante was!

Here goes...

Interview with a character, the demon Solus Kordivos of A Demon Born

JH: Good afternoon, Mr. Kordivos, or should I call you Solus? I appreciate your time to do this interview.

Solus: (arms crossed) Whatever. Solus is fine.

JH: Ah, okay. Great! Well, first off, Solus, a reader of A Demon Born wanted to know how old you were when you got married, because it seemed like you had just gotten out of college.

Solus: College? Oh, you mean university? I was twenty three when I married. Katerine was also in university when I met her, she was a year below me. I was actually already done with my studies and, well, as far as she knew, I was trying to become a naval officer. But really my father saw early on that I had a talent for engineering, and so after I graduated he enlisted me to build state of the art weaponry. I wasn't supposed to tell Katerine what I was really doing. Her own father didn't trust her.

JH: Was she not trustworthy to you?

Solus: Ours was a marriage of convenience. I wasn't married to her because I trusted her. I was married to her because my father would gain access to her family's wealth and they would have access to our family's political influence.

JH: Okay. But, you became a demon to get her back, so she must have meant more than a political connection...

Solus: She was intelligent, charming, and had a very positive look at the world, unlike the rest of her family - or mine. Her smile brightened a room and you could not help but smile back. We found ourselves falling in love. We had a good future. Until the Firsts came and destroyed everything.

JH: Yes, tell us about your relationship with the First Children, the Guardians and the Fallen.

Solus: I wanted to kill the Guardians, and to do that I needed the Fallen to make me stronger. That's as far as the relationship goes. (He shrugs)

JH: And you wanted to kill the Guardians because one of them took your wife's soul away and left you to die.

Solus: Pretty much.

JH: Did you trust the Fallen to help you get Katerine back?

Solus: I didn't have a choice. I'm a demon now, there's no turning back. I had to believe that they would help me find her again.

JH: On the subject of being a demon, you are able to change form so you can look human. But doesn't that form make you weaker?

Solus: I am human. At least I was when I died. I have every intention of staying as human as possible.

JH: But. You're a demon. Your soul has been Changed, so how can you be human?

Solus: Just because I'm Changed doesn't mean I am not who I once was! (Leans forward, very angry looking)

JH: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you or anything. Switching gears, at the end of A Demon Born you finally catch up to the Child of Light. Then in Circles she ends up taking you on a journey of self-discovery. How does that change the way you see yourself?

Solus: She drives me nuts. Can't figure that one out at all. How did it change the way I saw myself? I don't think it did. I believe the only change in me was that I was more sure I was still human underneath my demonic soul. At least, I hope so. I don't want think that when I finally reunite with Katerine, the only thing she will see is an ugly, evil demon. (Pauses, closes his eyes) I must leave, Dante is summoning me.

JH: Dante is summoning you? Why?

Solus: None of your business. Thanks for the chat. (He disappears)

Well, I wanted to delve a little deeper into how he finally discovers what his "sin" was that caused him to be separated from Katerine. But despite his anger issues, he seems like he could be a nice guy. Demon. Is that even possible, a nice demon? Hmmm. Anyway, I hope he finally gets his wish to see Katerine again. If Solus intrigues you, please read more about him in A Demon Born and Circles!

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