Friday, September 26, 2014

Dante's 9th circle is full of - seals?

Just a short post to share a photo of a recent trip I took with my family. We were vacationing along the Oregon coast and stopped at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Now, I can't really tell you how outstanding it was, since it was a cold and foggy afternoon when we visited, but I'm sure it would have been a worthwhile trip on a clear day. The lighthouse was amazing and I highly recommend reserving a tour.

Even though it was very foggy and cold, we enjoyed the visitor center and the lighthouse. We also enjoyed walking along Cobble Beach,  and despite the fog we could see seals playing in the water. A few were curious about the visitors on the shore and started swimming in closer. My husband got a picture of them, but didn't think it would be very good because of the poor visibility.

I finally got around to viewing the pictures from our vacation and came upon the Cobble Beach seals. Have a look for yourself, but if Dante's 9th circle for traitors is a frozen lake with the heads of traitorous souls sticking out trying to break free, I'm thinking this is what it would look like. Can you pick out the seals' heads sticking out of the water? Yikes!
Seals in the water at Cobble Beach, Yaquina Outstanding Natural Area

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