Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A little sneak peek at what to expect on Saturday

I have been working tirelessly all week to bring you a stunning short story that ties in to the novel, Circles. Many of you have asked for more, so here is a bit of a prequel to give readers more of our favorite demon, Solus.

This short story will be available via Smashwords and Amazon for free. Why free? Because this is just a sampling of the world of Circles, not a new novel (That may come at a later date). If you have never read the novel, I hope this will entice you to want to read more. If you have read it, then I hope this will placate your desire for more!

Here's just a little sneak peek:

Solus felt his bones forming, then reforming, as if his body were trying out a form then, rejecting it, mashed up what it had done so it could start over.

Why? Despair filled his soul. What did I do to deserve this torment?

He thought he was screaming, but heard no sound come from his throat. Rather, there was a vibrating sensation that started low and began to gain momentum. When his ears finally stopped burning, he realized the vibration was an unearthly howl. Unable to handle the pain any longer, he dropped to the ground, feeling the weight of his new form.

“You have been reborn,” Andras’s voice cut through Solus’s pain. 

So there you have it, a small taste of what I hope will be an intriguing tale of Solus's past. Follow me on Facebook (Mamamanga) or Twitter (mango_moon) to get updates on my current and future projects.

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