Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tenth Day of Christmas and Counting

Today I woke up very sore. Every muscle in my arms, shoulders and legs hurt. Shoveling gravel takes a lot out of you. It also makes for an interesting story that I think I will incorporate into a novel. After I recuperate.

After a slow start to the morning, I helped my mother-in-law whip up an Italian luncheon. There was a lot of prep work involved, and I harbored silent doubts that a lasagna made with potato would be any good, but the food turned out amazing. We had thirteen people to feed and there was more than enough food, since other guests added to the spread. I enjoyed the few hours spent chatting and catching up with people who are, even if not by blood, family. And there lies another story, for another day - except to say that family is what makes you whole.

In the meantime, since it was a party of sorts, today's day of Christmas was most appropriate!

Numbah ten day of Christmas, my tutu gave to me,
Ten cans of beer

Drink up! 
But for you under-aged readers, tutu will give you ten of these...

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