Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm on my Way, Home Sweet Home...

I'll be spending some well earned sunshine with my family this Christmas back on Maui. While I'm visiting, I'd like to invite all my family and friends there to celebrate my new book! It's been a couple of years since we've been home, so I'm not familiar with the "in" hang-outs, but a central place in Kahului would be good.

It will be wonderful to see my old home, the beaches I played in, the shops I browsed in (assuming some of them are still around), and the natural beauty of the islands that pictures and websites can not do justice with. Besides relaxing, I will be doing a little work, polishing up on a bit of Hawaiian history. Oh, did I just give away a hint there? ^_^

When I do find a convenient place to get together with everyone, I'll be happy to not only catch up, but answer any questions you have about Circles or writing in general. Because I didn't plan ahead to sell books directly while I'm there, I won't have any books for purchase. But (and I would certainly appreciate it!) you can go to Barnes & Noble and asked for them to order Circles, or order it yourself online through, or directly from Createspace.

It actually makes me feel uncomfortable to self-promote, but at the same time I know I can count on my readers to tell me their thoughts. So, in order to give me your thoughts, please read my novel! And to those of you who have already read Circles, please leave your honest review of it on Amazon or B&N. I keep going to those sites hoping for some feedback. >_<

Thank you to all my supporters!!

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