Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chapter 3 of A Demon Born is out!

Just a quick little blurb that I have pushed chapter 3 of A Demon Born out on Wattpad.

Pumping out a chapter a week is so hard for me because I want it to be perfect, both grammatically and stylistically. But with really only 4 1/2 days to do it (I can only write when I'm not doing my wonderful full-time job of being a wife and mother!), it gets pretty dicey coming up with stunning dialogue and engaging plot points.

I always have to keep in mind that this is just for my reader's entertainment and a way for them to collaborate with me in making my writing better. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to collaborate with me at the moment...(come on baby, give me criticism!!) I hope that this will be a great way to not only introduce myself to readers, but also provide me with a way to improve my craft.

Thank you for reading. ^_^

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