Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Extended Vacation is Now Over

Sorry for the extended vacation, everyone! January has been brutal! Cleaning, taxes, cleaning, writing, cleaning, research, writing, cleaning...hey, anyone with a seven-year-old ball of energy should understand the cleaning part. It's like following the debris line of a tornado.

Anyway, so what can I report? Well for starters, Circles is now available at Parkplace Books in Kirkland. It is an exceptional bookstore, so if you live in the area or plan to be nearby, check it out. It is what I had dreamed my own bookstore would look like...sigh, another drama altogether there.

I have started writing my next novel, which is specifically for middle grade readers. I have alternate history, steampunk, adventure and hijinks planned out. We shall see where it goes. I hope to have it ready for my readers by next January. I'll post excerpts on occasion so you can give me your thoughts!

I will be starting up my "Creative with Writing" classes at Stillwater Elementary and Tolt Middle School in February and March. I'm looking forward to experiencing the spontaneous creativity my students come up with! Every session is amazing. In addition, I am also heading up a book club for fourth and fifth graders at Stillwater. We begin our inaugural club activities with City of Ember (4th gr.) and Leviathan (5th gr.). If anyone has read these titles, I would love to share your thoughts with the club!

Whew! It's hard to find time to write anything with so much going on, but being around readers and writers is so much fun for me. I absolutely MUST make time for these kids! Maybe one day soon, they will have a book club with one of my novels... ^_^

Alright, enough chit-chat for now!