About Me

Jae Holt loves to share good stories with good friends. Her first novel, Circles, started off as an idea after reading Dante Alighieri's Inferno in high school before finally being published in 2012. Her next idea mixes her interest in steampunk with her love of her childhood home: Hawaii.

I am a writer of contemporary fantasy stories filled with adventure that takes place in our everyday world, where readers discover the extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary life.

My own world is filled with memories of sandy beaches and clear blue water crested with foamy white, overlaid with the emerald-green forests and majestic peaks draped in their own white cloaks that now surround me. The days are filled with favorite books and favorite shows. The sounds of family mix with rural whispers, and the occasional commotion of trying to scare deer from our fruit trees.

I traveled the world through the books and stories that complemented the people I have come across. Through both, I learned of the power in community, the strength in culture, and the flexibility in family ties.   

I grew up thinking my life was uneventful. But it turns out it was quite eventful indeed. The many friends, family, and acquaintances I have met enriched my world and influenced who I am today. And the best way I can think of to thank everyone who has entered my life is to write.

And so, I write. What stories would you like me to tell?